Frequently Asked


I would love to learn an instrument but I am really busy and dont think I have enough time to practice - how much time do I really need to commit?

I am a firm believer in a little every day  - 15 to 20 minutes of concentrated practice is enough for most beginners working up to 30 minutes as you become more proficient...about as long as most people take for a coffee break.

Do you have any age limit on students 

I prefer students from 15 years old, upwards and I have no upper age limit. However, I will take younger students who have already mastered the basics and truly love music.

What is the best length of lesson - 30min, 45 min or 60min?

This depends a lot on your skill level  and ability to concentrate. I always recommend beginners start with 30 minutes and build up to an hour.

Do you teach peoples at their homes or do they have to come to you ?

It can be challenging at times for school going students to get to my studio, so yes I do travel to younger students homes within a 15km radius, however adults need to attend lessons at my studio.

Can you teach me to sing?

I believe that the voice is an instrument that sadly cannot be tuned so this depends on whether you are able to hold a tune or not. I cant teach people to sing in tune BUT for those who can , I am definitely able to teach you singing techniques to improve your vocal range, power, timing, stage presence, mic techniques etc.

I am retired - Am I too old to learn to play the piano ?

No I believe Its never too late to learn and its a wonderful way to keep your brain alive

Do you teach theory ? Its soooo boring

Yes sometimes it can be but theory is a wonderful asset to learning an instrument  so yes I do teach it, but I dont make this a major focus and I know you will enjoy it the way I teach it...hundreds of other students thought the same and now love it.

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